composite person, terror attack injuries
terror victm, watch in neck
Subtraction image of terror victim

These two images were made by superimposing two separate images showing the head and the neck of the victim with the watch in her neck. (See I Was Riding The Bus) . The original image was a standard x-ray.  A second image of the same area was made after marking dyes had been injected into the patient. The dyes are used to highlight arterial damage by showing arterial bleeding. Here the dyes show damage to the common carotid artery. These specific images are the third in the series and were made by superimposing the other two. This technique causes some information to be masked out and the resulting images are called subtraction images. They help physicians to get a clearer understanding of the damage to the blood vessels. (Front view and side view) Note the ghost image of the watch in each view.

College student, fractured hands, terror attach

Three Hand Injuries

College student with fractured ring finger, metal in wrist area, Left: Two images of hands with metal fragments

Left: Severed forearm and fragmented distal radius and ulna and multiple fragments of shrapnel in the swollen stump.

Right: Severed forearm, destroyed ulna and radius and bits of shrapnel in the soft tissue

Nail in neck, terror victm

Nail in Neck

hexnuts in pelvis
bullet anterior chest
Smashed hand and arm
shattered bones, hex nuts and other shrapnel

Duratrans 32x40"

Severely Damaged Leg

Above: Shattered tibia and fibula and shrapnel near ankle.

Upper right: X-Ray of knee - square object lateral to fibular head

Lower right: Commuted fracture of the medial epilondyle (elbow) with fragments of shrapnel in the elbow.

Bone with hex nut

Duratrans 50x40"

This X-Ray was necessary because a hex nut from a bomb tore into the calf bone of a civilian.  We don't know if the victim is Jewish, Muslim, Christian or a member of some other faith, nor do we know the victim's age, gender or socio-economic status.  We don't know how the victim happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

artery damage, broken hip and leg bone, multiple hex nuts

Top Three: Series of magnification images of hip and severely broken leg with multiple hex nuts. 

(Center and top right show artery damage)

Bottom: Broken calf bone and artery damage

Duratrans 40x32"

smashed hand and foot

Smashed Arm, Damaged Leg, Broken Foot

Left: Large piece of shrapnel, comminuted, angulated fracture of the distal radius

Right: Lateral view of ankle, multiple fragments of shrapnel, leg and foot broken in multiple places, fractured distal tibia, and fifth metatarsal and cuboid.

Duratrans image 32x40"

Chest x-ray: 2 views of the same individual
Pulmonary edema, screws in left arm, right chest wall

A Very Sick Child

Pulmonary edema (fluid in lungs), screws in left arm and chest wall

X-Ray view of multiple hex nuts in pelvis and related CT scans
Head trauma, 2 views of same individual
Metal bolt in spine and hex nut in lateral chest x-ray
Watch lodged in neck after terror attack
Injuries to children

1-3 Head injury to 4 year old child, shrapnel penetrating skull

4-5 Hex nuts in foot and leg of 16 year old, fractures

6 (Left) Shrapnel in brain of 17 year old

Piece: 32x40"

shrapnel made from common object
Metal fragments in abdomen, pelvis, terror victims

40x32" Duratrans film

Left: Metal fragment in right side of abdomen at level of liver and right kidney, shrapnel, right, lower abdomen, metal in pelvis

Right: Curved metal fragments at level of left kidney, and shrapnel in right upper pelvis

Head trauma, 3 views of same individual
Man and Woman Injured in Terror Attack
Feet damaged in terror attack
Figures injured in terror attack
Injuries to hips, knees and legs, terror attack victms

1. Multiple hex nuts in pelvis  

2. Enlargement of hip injury and broken femur

3. Hex nut in spine

4. Nails in knee

5. Both femurs (thigh bones) are broken in multiple places and many pieces of shrapnel in thighs

6. Many piece of shrapnel in legs

Piece: 32x40

X-Ray portraits of terror victims