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Mission Statement: The Jewish Diaspora Cultural Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that exists to celebrate and learn about all facets of Jewish life.  We offer events around traditional Jewish and Israeli foods, Israeli wine, Jewish music, literature, and art, and Jewish history.  

Some of our members are descendants of people who fled the pogroms in the latter part of the 19th and early 20th centuries; others immigrated from various parts of Eastern Europe, Russia and Ukraine beginning in the 1970s, and still others come from Sephardic Jewish communities.

In the past year we have grown our exhibit, Why They Left, an installation of rare Russian Civil War (1917-1922) era pogrom photographs, based on the book, Evreiskie pogromy, (Jewish Pogroms).  The installation has partnered with cellist, Sergey Antonov, 2007 gold medal winner of the International Tchaikovsky Competition, (see video below), and has been viewed in academic and public venues.  We plan to continue the expansion and outreach of this project. To that end, we have created the website,, a simple searchable database of visual documentation of the pogroms.  We have included the original images with Russian captions, English translations, a google earth map showing all locations, and a breakdown of the demographics of the Russian Civil War era pogroms.  We plan to expand this site with additional images and documents.  This is useful for scholars and students across a wide range of disciplines. 


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Why They Left: An Installation of Rare Photographs of the Pogroms During the Russian Civil War (1917-1921) 

Music of Ernst Bloch 

Sergey Antonov, cello

Ellina Blinder, piano



The pogrom installation was featured at the Skinner Museum of Mount Holyoke College and Diane Covert gave a talk about the photographs of the Russian Civil War pogroms.

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We are pleased to announce the beta version of one of our goals: to bring a searchable database of Russian Civil War pogrom photographs to scholars, students and the general public.  The website, preserves every image in Evreiskie pogromy (Jewish Pogroms 1918-1921), and the original Russian captions on the home page.  If you visit Search Images, you can search by shtetl, perpetrator, victims, year, etc.  We even have a google map which allows you to locate the search items, showing both the modern names and the original names of the communities.  Because of the complexity of the site, it works better on computers than smart phones. We are still working on this, but wanted to share it with you all.  Thank you for your help in making this project come to life.


Hanukkah 2018


Our annual Hanukkah party was a great success!  This year we welcomed many new friends and celebrated with great food and drink

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